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Hey Reader!
I'm just your average teenage girl who works hard in school and plays a sport. I'm pretty darn confident on the outside, BUT on the inside, I'm super self-conscious about my weight and HATE wearing a swimming suit. I'm a good basketball player, but not great. I want to be great!! So, I vow to eat healthier and lose this extra weight I've been carrying for so long. I'm 5'10" and starting at 167 pounds


keep the negativity out of your life!

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i had to reblog this.  it cracked me up.

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Hey guys, 

I know it’s been forever since I updated, and it’s not for lack of caring about this, but I totally got stuck with finals and AP tests and everything else. The good news IS that I am now done for summer and totally available to keep working this blog! This is going to be my main goal for the summer, and it makes sense because next year is my senior year! I’m super excited to make it count. So let’s do this. One last hoorah before adulthood. You and me. Together. Let the summer start and end with a bang. And remember, class of 2013 is CLASS13ST!